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Become the person you were meant to be

light your inner fire

follow your heart’s desire

Leon Brown



Embracing the fire of your passion as a fuel for transformation in this session

Our deepest fire stems from our rage

A sacred energy designed to show us where to say no and set boundaries

Where we might need to engage our fight response for our space and rights

Or simply where we need to step up and speak out


However for many of us, especially those socialised as women, expressing anger is taboo

No one wants to be the angry bitch…

But even deeper than that, the fight response is often disengaged in favour of more readily appearing responses such as flight, freeze or appease (fawn)


In this session take the space to celebrate your rage, feel your power to say no, to take up space and to be seen and supported in your anger

Aside from that, I encourage working with emotions such as anger in session as they are linked with our sexuality in that our freedom to allow and manage strong energies also links with our ability to access and maintain high levels of sexual excitement and pleasure within the body


If you are someone who claims to not have anger, or never feel angry, this session is especially important for you… anger is linked with our passion, and the capacity to hold this power in a healthy manner and let that fuel our path towards what we desire for ourselves in this life is crucial to access

This session offers a safe and gentle exploration of these powerful forces, starting with an opening of the neck and pelvic area, moving into anger release working with the fight response, boundaries and somatic expression using voice

session duration up to 120mins

120 EUR


These are hands-on or -off sessions as you prefer, with the potential for non-intimate bodywork if desired

The session does not require any nudity

Session times are from arrival to departure and allow for an opening discussion and/or extended coaching, warm-up exercises, bodywork and closing reflections as needed

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