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you are warmly invited to feel into my values ahead of our time together

At SNATCH I offer a space of mutual respect, where we approach the work with curiosity and openness as to what may be discovered in this moment. You are free to discuss anything with me that you wish - there is no judgement on what you choose to share around your innermost workings in our time together. I value truth, vulnerability and authenticity over any need to perform, please or 'be perfect'

- My work is inspired by my own spiritual path and study within the field of Neo-Tantra, and as such have a spiritual basis to them. My interpretation of spirituality is a direct experience of and curiosity about an underlying energetic reality outside of the more obvious physical one we are well acquainted with and I recommend you have at least a passing curiosity about the workings of energy before signing up to work with me. Tantra is a science, not a religion. These sessions are simply an invitation to experience for yourself your energy and draw your own conclusions as to what that may mean to you without the need for conflict with any current religious or atheistic beliefs you may hold

- I am first and foremost an explorer, and all the techniques I share in my sessions are ones that I have tried and tested myself. By bringing them to you, I offer you the chance to find your own experience and beliefs around what Tantra can be. The only truth is the one that has been experienced. The mind can never fully access truth... every session here is set up to offer the possibility of tasting something unknown if you are willing to enter into that space of receptivity and stay open-minded as to what you might find

- You decide what feels right to you in terms of touch and boundaries in each session, and are always invited to give feedback if something isn't feeling good for you in that moment. I am also free to let you know if anything that is suggested for or happens in a session doesn’t feel right for me. This is a basic code of mutual trust and authentic relating that we engage with in deciding to work together

- There can be sensuality and pleasure involved in sessions, but my style does not conform to the expectation of gratification catered for in erotic massage. Please kindly note that, depending on the session, I will be dressed in either leggings/T-shirt, sports bra/pants or a sarong and am always in the role of giving touch. I do not offer any kind of sexual services, mutual massage or erotic style video chats

- My wish is to pass on to you the key info and practices you are looking for in order to 'come back to your senses' and access more from your life on all levels - including your sexuality. I provide tools for you to practice in order to become a more mindful, body-aware and communicative lover to your current and/or future partner(s). The idea is to empower you to create beautiful experiences in your own love life rather than having to rely on coming to, and paying for, a professional session to experience the wonders of Tantra

- Due to the intensity of our work together and the need to maintain professional clarity, please kindly note that I do not take up invitations to spend time together privately outside of our sessions

- I am currently applying for membership with The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and am committed to abiding by their code of ethics for touch based practitioners, which you can read here


I welcome you to explore the transformational techniques for self-empowerment available at SNATCH

Package pricing is available for longterm work together with the possibility to enquire about a suitable exchange basis for anyone who feels their access to self-development is inhibited by current financial means

Get in touch below to start your journey

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