COUPLES MASSAGE can be a hands-on or -off experience blending sex coaching, Tantra and teaching around how to give each other expansive sensual massage experiences either through online or in-person guidance

I am pleased to offer a series of sessions to assist you to live, love and create the sensual life that you both hope for - individually and as a couple.

Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits as a couple and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience together.

COUPLES SESSIONS blend the benefits of both sex coaching and tantra, with a particular focus around how to create expansive sensual massage experiences for each other alongside my online or in-person guidance and support

a series of progressive teachings to assist you to live, love and create the sensual intimacy that you both hope for - individually and together

Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits as a couple and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience in your union


Here I have included a variety of ways that we can work together.

Its important for you to both be clear around what feels right in terms of boundaries.

I will always be covered in sessions but if one or both of you feels comfortable to be undressed then that is something to discuss with each other.

Some of these options allow for me to massage your partner in the spirit of teaching and learning new ways to approach touching each other.

If that is not something you feel comfortable with then its also possible that I guide you verbally to give the touch for the whole session rather than showing you by touching your partner.

Feel into how you wish to experience these sessions in a way that feels safe to you both.

Its also possible to 'mix and match' these sessions into the right approach for you personally

Contact me to create your own personalized couples experience


Are you curious to expand your consciousness of yourselves?

This is a non-intimate touch session guiding you through basic principles of tantra as an approach for consciousness expansion - opening up awareness around what energy is and how it works in your body and in the universe as a whole, showing you through experiential segments how to tap into it for your erotic potential. 

These segments can be carried out clothed with no touch from me and will bring awareness around sharing energy with each other, giving up the control of the mind and allowing yourself to surrender, connecting heart and sex together energetically.



Would you like to learn more about finding the sweet spot between you in terms of touch?

Discover how to approach touching your partner consciously from a basis of sex, heart and/or spirit.

Learn to work with the four elements to create journeys through various styles of touch, opening up your sexual vocabulary and expanding the potential for creativity in your approach to lovemaking together.

This session is based upon the receiver feeling into and asking for the touch that they wish for and the giver 'serving' these wishes.

We will explore how to set up the space, ground into the body and feel into the spirit of honoring each other before moving into any physical contact - working with the three types of touch emanating from the three centers.

I will guide you both in terms of basic massage techniques - either over the body or also including intimate touch if that is within your boundaries as a couple. Most importantly, you will learn how to give your lover feedback and how to receive that feedback in a way that feels good to you both. This allows a delicious fluidity within your sexual experiences, approaching each other from a place of curiosity and acceptance around your desires changing in each and every moment rather than an expectation that things will always be the same between you in your lovemaking.

Either I will guide you guys through giving each other touch in new ways, or if you like to, I can join in with your partner to give you a 4-handed massage experience depending on your wishes. Either one or both partners can receive in the session depending on timing.


Would you like to learn about tantric lovemaking in the safety of a clothed coaching environment with your partner?

You can then enjoy to experiment in the intimacy of a private setting at home together the techniques you have been shown in our session - with ongoing support though online or in person coaching to develop your practice together as needed

We will begin by stepping out of the personalities you know well from daily life, with a ritual to bring focus out of the mind and into the heart, seeing beyond those many masks we all wear, into your partner's very essence - celebrating the divine spark we each carry, meeting itself through the other. We will then open a ritual space for you both to move into deeper connection together.


Depending on your intention, we may begin with a simple massage to open up the heart area or a ritual to expand your connection to the senses outside from the visual. Moving away from the everyday consciousness, exploring the basics of tantric energy exchange through breath and visualization. This can be done clothed sitting opposite each other first of all, before exploring while sitting in the traditional Yab Yum position, allowing you to expand into levels of energetic as well as physical merging during your sexual intimacy


Finding your TRUE SEXUAL SELVES in a world full of stereotypes

COUPLES SELF-PLEASURE COACHING expanding into a conscious, shared and shame-free self-love practice

- Exploring between a physical based sexuality to an ENERGETIC SEXUALITY

- Exploring A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT TOUCHES together and practicing to ask for and clarify your wishes around receiving touch

- how to TOUCH YOUR PARTNER CONSCIOUSLY from awareness of the 3 centers, deepening intuitive feeling to ride pleasure waves together

- learn to give TANTRIC LINGAM AND YONI MASSAGE to your partner

- discover the energetic sexuality meditation technique of EXTENDED SPIRITUAL ORGASM
- MULTIPLE 'ENERGY ORGASMS' through learning to surrender to energy flow

- Learning how to help your partner DELAY EJACULATION through use of the breath and pelvic tension release

- What is FEMALE EJACULATION and how can I explore this with my partner through intimate massage?
- opening up to
- coaching around connecting with and experiencing the PROSTATE as a spiritual centre of male sexuality

- offer the gift of holding space to your partner for a SEXUAL HEALING journey together

- Learning how to support each other in finding and releasing BLOCKAGES to enjoying the sexual life you wish for


I offer personalized extended teaching packages to couples interested in learning Tantra

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