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November 2022

This intensive process deepens your sense of embodiment while also providing a loving space to make contact with those levels within ourselves emotionally that we often find difficult to access


Blending myofascial release bodywork with trigger point and reichian de-armouring techniques, we will journey through a progressive series of eight sessions over four days

Expand into the world of energy, making contact with the many secrets that it holds on a personal and universal level



1500 EUR

a journey over eight sessions



a suggested scheduling involves:

intent setting and preparatory exercises

clearing the column : neck & shoulders

reichian spinal massage

grounding : feet & legs

pelvic expansion : sacrum, coccyx, hips, pelvis

revealing the true face : cranium, jaw, throat, arms, chest, mouth

stirring the pot : belly, diaphragm, organs

bioenergetic streamings : the three segments in flow



Introduction to the de-armouring technique
Clarifying commitments, intent and creating a container for the work ahead

Fine-tuning the programme as to your needs

Breathwork practice

Tantra kriya yoga stretching


afternoon free for integrating / exploring / beach / hiking / resting as prefered

Beginning to delve into the connection between the head and the body

a deep tissue massage of the neck and shoulders will allow energy flow from the spine to the brain

Opening the channel to come down into the sensations of the physical rather than being stuck in the mind


A thorough mapping of the spine, travelling along the backbone of your life experiences

Uncovering anything thrown 'onto the back', revealing tensions and held energies along either side of the spinal column

Reminding these to move will allow you to let go of the old and make way for

a flow of vitality within your body's energetic system


afternoon free for integrating / exploring / beach / hiking / resting as prefered

Transforming the energies held within the internal organs

Opening the pathway between sex and heart

Improving ability for 'emotional digestion'


Your connection to the earth, your grounding

Here you can build the roots needed to trust in yourself, in order to let go of that which no longer serves you


afternoon free for integrating / exploring / beach / hiking / resting as prefered

Working around the sacrum and coccyx before releasing the Iliopsoas using touch into the abdomen,

along the underside of the hip bones and along the pubic bone

Underwear is worn in this session and there is no direct intimate touch


Our jaw often holds deep resentments, chomping back on self-expression

Releasing our masks and opening the voice

Expanding the chest capacity - taoist heart opening

Internal de-armouring of the mouth, ears and nose can be included (with gloves)


afternoon free for integrating / exploring / beach / hiking / resting as prefered

To complete the experience of opening the body to energy we finish by exploring the three segments of

Pelvis, Chest and Head (Sex, Heart and Spirit) and their mobility before inviting your energy to flow freely through your body in the streamings process, which can free elements that you may have suppressed for years.


all times are negotiable but generally we would start at 10.30am and finish latest.12.30pm for the afternoon free to reconvene at 8pm for the evening session

sessions may be anywhere from 1.5 to 2hrs including sharing your intent, warm up exercises, bodywork and reflections



I welcome you to join me at the villa I share with my partner located in Skotina close to the sea and the beautiful hikes around Mount Olympus for these transformational sessions

You can stay with us in a double room or find your own accommodation in the vicinity as desired

3 nights bed and breakfast at the villa

300 EUR




Refreshments such as tea, water and snacks are provided while you are in session


Further meals are available for a supplement depending on whether you book to stay with us or in your own private accommodation

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