'To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.

Without an anchor, we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.'

- Anodea Judith


When starting on the tantric path, we begin first to place our attention on the PHYSICAL BODY.

- Affirm that YOU ARE HERE and you have the RIGHT TO EXIST

- Define and express LIMITS and BOUNDARIES in sessions

- Experience the BOUNDARY OF YOUR PHYSICAL FORM, taking up space and presence within it

- Clearing out OLD ENERGETIC HOLDING PATTERNS and conditioning

- DE-STRESSING the body

- Encourage your ORIGINAL AND PURE SOURCE ENERGY back to the surface of your being


- Find what you need to FEEL SECURE, so that you can practice LETTING GO - of any tension, thoughts, needs to control or things from the past you are holding on to

- Become familiar with the qualities of the BASE chakra (MULADHARA in Sanskrit)


- Our physical body is the CONTAINER for our ENERGY

- In some cases, it also acts as a PRISON for our energy

- Hard, dense, inflexible tissue does not allow sensitivity or the possibility for energy to flow out or through

- Tense tissues, especially around the pelvis, thighs and abdomen, are blocks to full capacity sexual pleasure. - We can see this as a form of energetic and physical 'armour'.

- This armouring of your tissues makes it difficult to feel the flow of energy within yourself that is central to the tantric path to awakening.

- We will spend time working through the tension within the body, ready to allow energy to pass through in the next stages of the path.



- Being able to feel GENTLE and SOFT sensations

- Starting to become conscious of ENERGETIC 'tingling' through the body

- Exploring what it means to move into FULL BODY sexuality rather than GENITAL-BASED sexuality

- Preparing the body to become MORE SENSITIVE to pleasure

- Learning how to FEEL THE BODY to allow more depth of SENSITIVITY rather than excessive stimulation


A deep tissue massage of the neck and shoulders will allow energy flow from the spine to the brain - connecting you to the sensations of the body rather than staying in the mind. 

This will be followed with a Reichian spinal massage, uncovering any held emotions and tensions along the muscles either side of the spinal column. Reminding these to move will allow you to let go of the old and make way for a flow of vitality within your bodies energetic system. 


The wonderfully named pelvic liberation session will do just that...

Liberate yourself from the held energies of the past within your sexuality!

We will work together to find and release old emotional 'stuff' within tissues along the hip, pubic and sitting bones using deep tissue massage and a lot of love and patience to allow you to connect with and release those tensions and pains.

Benefits from the treatment can include feeling more grounded within the body, feeling that your sex is more connected with your pelvis and the rest of your body in general, feeling a stronger connection with your sex, heightened sense of arousal (for men, stronger erections). Due to the release of tension around this area, men who previously experienced premature ejaculation may find they are better able to control their release. For women, there is the added benefit of reducing PMS and cramps due to the re-established proper flow of nutrients and hormones between the upper body and the uterus and ovaries.


This session allows for a careful opening of the Rosetta - bringing with it the activation of the base chakra for connecting to our earth, our ability to surrender, and an acceptance all of our body and its functions as sacred.

Often considered 'taboo', it will be our task here to transform any fears or shame around this part of your body into a willingness and openness for pleasure. The anus actually has as many nerve endings as the genitals and we will use this session to explore what you might enjoy.

I will be using a series of healing techniques designed to allow you to connect with this sensitive area and release any tension held. Often we store anger or uptightness/control themes here.

We will stay in feedback as to your sensations and wishes on this mindful and gentle exploration. An exquisite addition to your bodily awareness!