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 July 3rd

 7 - 9pm



Reenvisioned, anger can be the most feminine of virtues:

compassionate, fierce, wise, and powerful


The women I admire most—

those who have looked to themselves and the limitations and adversities that come with our bodies

and the expectations that come with them—

have all found ways to transform their anger into meaningful change


In them, anger has moved from debilitation to liberation

Your anger is a gift you give to yourse
lf and the world that is yours

If ever there was a time not to silence yourself, to channel your anger into healthy places and choices, this is it


Soraya Chemaly

in her book 'Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger'


The approaching full moon sits in Capricorn

A highly stable earth sign, Capricorn can help us to find meaning and power in our emotions

Capricorn sits across from it's opposing polarity, Cancer, and at first you might think this very practical earth sign has little to do with the flowing emotional waters of cancer

And yet, these two can work hand in hand... let Capricorn hold you as the flow of emotions can express on even deeper levels with this earthy grounded energy available as support

What can we let flow out of us and into the earth on this full moon?

What is ready to be let go, so that we can find true balance within ourselves and our energy systems?

The full moon is a time to celebrate our power to manifest and look with gratitude at what we have achieved so far since the new moon, while also burying into the earth that which keeps us small, limiting our capacity to take those next steps forward


Our deepest fire stems from our rage

A sacred energy designed to show us where to say no and set boundaries

Where we might need to engage our fight response for our space and rights

Or simply where we need to step up and speak out


However for many of us socialised as women, expressing anger is taboo

No one wants to be the angry bitch…

But even deeper than that, the fight response is often disengaged in favour of more readily appearing responses such as flight, freeze or appease (fawn)


For this full moon gathering we come together as women to celebrate our rage, to feel our power to say no, to take up space and to be seen and supported in our anger together in circle


If you are a woman who claims to not have anger, or never feel angry, this event is especially important for you… anger is linked with passion, and our capacity to hold our passion and let that fuel our path towards what we desire for ourselves in this life is crucial to access


We begin with a warm up stretch, inviting contact with the body, moving into a short breathwork to connect with the pelvic fire followed by a partnered practice to explore the feelings that arise when making space for yourself, saying NO

We then come together to offer our vocal support as a group, witnessing with love as each woman takes her turn in the bitching circle - allowing and expressing anger from the pelvic base as it flows through into the arms, voice and eyes for full body expression


The ritual finishes with a grounding meditation to feel into your intentions for this cycle and what can be celebrated, as well as that which must be released in order to move forward in your life

We will bury into the earth those things we wish to banish and call in what we need to move ahead these next two weeks with our intents



The event allows a safe and gentle exploration of these powerful forces, guided by myself as a trauma-informed somatic practitioner and inspired by John Hawken's Dark Eros

Bring along water for drinking, a notebook if you like to journal afterwards, something to sit and/or lie comfortably on (a blanket or sarong) and anything you might like to charge on an altar if you feel so called

Monday July 3rd

7pm - 9pm CET

Tempelhof Field, Berlin

from 10 - 20€ depending on means

cash or paypal

write to register and receive the exact location details

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