The HEART CHAKRA lies literally at the heart of the chakra system - centered between the three chakras below (base, sacral, naval) and the three chakras above (throat, third eye, crown).

It is here that the powers of SHAKTI (YIN-earth) mix with SHIVA (YANG-sky).  

Like a tree, we have PLANTED OUR ROOTS deep through the core of the body into the ground through the pelvis, the legs and the feet.

Only then can we rise up and EXPAND INTO SOMETHING BIGGER THEN OURSELVES, experiencing states of consciousness previously unknown.

- Affirm that you have the RIGHT TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED

- Expand into a COMPLETE BREATH


- Open up the muscles of the chest with DEEP MASSAGE

- Sensing and connecting the ENERGETIC CHANNEL between the heart and the sex

- Becoming aware of the positioning of the chakras along the INNER FLUTE

- Practice MOVING ENERGY up from the lower to upper body through the heart using your awareness

- Become familiar with the qualities of the HEART chakra (ANAHATA in Sanskrit)


- Experience the expansion of pleasure into the warmth of a HEART-BASED SEXUALITY

- Explore SHARING ENERGY through the hands and arms as an extension of the heart

- Understand the TANTRIC ENERGY FLOW between plus and minus charge points in the body

- Working with the BREATH to move and share energy

- Bringing in pelvic rocking and the PC MUSCLE PUMP to assist in pulling energy up the inner flute

- Distinguishing between different types of orgasms depending on ENERGY FLOW and INTENTION

- Trying out a HEART-GASM