I am pleased to offer a series of coaching sessions available to you wherever you are located via skype/zoom to assist you to live, love and create the fulfilling sensual intimacy that you wish for  - with yourself and/or in partnership(s)

Blending sex therapy, embodied erotic education and somatic practices alongside the possibility of:

- self-touch for individual online coaching

- partner touch for couples online coaching


These sessions build an embodied practice over time under an overall aim we will define (and redefine if necessary) together within our first meeting

We would ideally meet 3-5 times over a defined time period, with exercises given for you to try out at home under email guidance between meetings

 Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience


We may explore

- structured discussion

- stretching / somatics

- simple breathwork

- meditation

- tantric and taoist energetic techniques

- mindful self-pleasure coaching

- guided self-touch pelvic release work

'mapping' the vagina and anus internally through guided self-touch



For online sessions, there are options to be seen on camera or for certain sessions where you might like more privacy such as genital mapping work or learning intimate massage as a couple its also possible to choose privacy and turn the camera off at any point you might like to, while my guidance will still continue. Another option is to have the camera set up in a way that suits your modesty if thats what feels right to you - allow yourself to feel into the right level of exposure/nudity for your comfort

I will always be fully clothed, respecting a professional distance to allow you to focus on your learning


Sexual energy is a powerful form of vital life force

The themes we encounter within our sexuality will often reflect core life themes for positive changes in the realms of self-acceptance and self-love


I warmly welcome all genders and orientations that feel called to work with me


For more information on somatic sex coaching you can check here:



80 EUR  |  GBP

per hour


Each session lasts around 90mins and will be structured in collaboration together in order to best support you in moving towards your desired intention for this coaching journey

involving discussion, practical somatic exercises and/or guided self-massage

300 EUR


Dedicate 4-6 weeks to learning more about yourself and Tantra with these personally curated packages of 4 sessions with supplementary email support
All packages are available to singles or couples who wish to take the journey together


Our first and foremost sexual relationship is with ourselves. How is that relationship doing these days?

Would you say you are somewhat stuck in a rut with your solo-loving? Is it always feeling the same?

Do you feel limited by only being overly goal-based in your self-pleasuring, and find yourself only able to orgasm in a certain way?

Often we learn over time to respond only to the stimulation we are used to experiencing repeatedly in our self-touch.

Or are you simply curious to bring in new ideas to enjoy life, love and your body each day?

Spice up your solo love life with this one month pleasure coaching package



You will build the skills and awareness to enjoy your SEXUAL ENERGY AS AN EXPRESSION OF SELF-LOVE.

These skills are the basis for moving into TANTRIC PRACTICE with a partner.

Many people, including myself in the beginning of my journey, have the belief that to explore conscious sexuality and tantra a partner is needed.

Sure, as part of your development you will want to explore these energy sex practices together with someone else - but if you are not able to master these skills in your own body, it will be difficult to manage to circulate energy with someone else.

COMMIT TO YOURSELF - make it your aim this month to really get to know new ways to experience pleasure within your body.

Form the intention to plan 30 minutes each and every day dedicated to enjoying pleasure consciously however works for you.

My list of practices will provide all the options and exercises you could need to get into bliss states each and every day.

Ecstasy - here we come!

Experiment with the practice of ORGASMIC YOGA as a mindful approach to solo loving

- Let go of self-touch as solely a method to achieve orgasm for relaxation purposes

- Exploring your eroticism through body-based sensual awareness

- Using breath, movement and pelvic muscle exercises to affect your arousal

- Riding the pleasure wave by bringing in peak and valley orgasmic experiences

- Having the freedom to choose between excitement of the mind through porn or fantasy and arousal stemming from your own bodily sensation and feeling within.


Introduction to the the practice of Orgasmic Yoga

Weekly support through a 45-minute skype coaching and structured email correspondence featuring personalised exercises as well as instructional and inspirational videos

250 EUR  |  GBP individuals

300 EUR  |  GBP couples



Yoga is the science of expanding consciousness. By expanding our consciousness, we raise the frequency with which we can experience life. Suddenly the world around us can look very different to when we are stuck in the heaviness of our perceived physical separation. We can connect more deeply with the universe and better perceive our place within it - as a part of a whole connected awareness behind all living things.​  How to do this? First by connecting deep within ourselves. Tantra Kriya Yoga explores our inner energy pathways as a microcosm to the universe outside of us (macrocosm). These are techniques developed by yogis over thousands of years to manipulate the nervous system in order to extend its possible range and our awareness. Kriya is the ancient technique of rotating consciousness through the astral pathways of the body, producing an altered state of consciousness. Curious to get started? See below for what you can learn on this course.

Begin exploring the practice of TANTRA KRIYA YOGA

- Develop a daily practice that offers focus and progress on your spiritual path

- Explore your inner world through yogic techniques

- Open your energy pathways as you begin perceiving and circulating energy around the body

- Discover methods of internal alchemy, magnetizing the spine to pull etheric energy up through the cerebro-spinal fluid

- Cleanse and clear the pathways between the coccyx and the brain, which can then be flooded with cosmic energy

- Learn how to explore the techniques with a partner for accelerated progress on this path to awakening


Introductory email outlining the practice of Tantra Kriya Yoga

Weekly support through a personalised 45-minute skype coaching and structured email correspondence featuring specially selected exercises

250 EUR  |  GBP  individuals

300 EUR  |  GBP couples