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Each day this week, a new section with a practice guidance will be added to this page to go through and explore

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In Tantra we use words for the sex organs that describe not only the physicality, like in traditional anatomy, but also capture the essence of these sacred parts of ourselves

For instance, the male genitalia are named LINGAM, representing in this word the whole spectrum of male sexual energy, procreative and generative power that belongs to this part of the body

For todays's session, we will look at:

setting up a ritual space for your practice

connecting to your LINGAM gently and mindfully from the inside with awareness

re-framing your practice as sacred explorations with the potential to meet with the deepest parts of yourself, and touch the divine

trying touch to connect to this part of yourself energetically without physical stimulation or release

create a ritual space for yourself and your practice sessions

I suggest making a space of dedication to your process this month in the form of a practice space with small altar

You may like to decorate it differently each day when you sit down to practice - with fabrics, sage, totems, items from nature

You could decorate it with items relevant to your masculine essence, or items you find sensual and pleasing

It may also be a place you store items from your PLEASURE BOX, something to develop slowly over the month...

For now, a small area with a candle to light in dedication to your practice each day is a good start if more is not possible

connection to your LINGAM

you can choose to do this meditation for yourself, or with my voice guiding you as you prefer

the meditation is not practiced with sexual arousal

if strong arousal arises, its recommended to come back to the practice another time

consider an intent and notice if there is any resistance to trying something like this

find a comfortable seat or standing position

first of all, close your eyes and rest your hands alongside your body

without touching yourself, bring your conscious awareness to your genital area

this is called 'being present' in the genitals

notice how this is for you to practice

on a scale of one to ten, what would you say is your genital awareness score?

internal sensing

Spend a few minutes paying attention to your entire genital geography with your awareness

try to turn on an internal sense or 'inner flashlight' : gaze, hearing or feeling inside these places in the body

If you become distracted, gently bring your awareness back to your genitals and any sensations you feel

If you don't feel anything, notice that as where you are at on Day One, knowing there is a long journey ahead

meditating with LINGAM

now hold your lingam in a grounded manner with your hands

the hold should feel comforting and supportive rather than attempting to arouse or excite

consider your relationship with this part of your body

Would you see LINGAM as a sacred place?

Are you able to easefully consider self-pleasure as a sacred act, or has your practice left you with other feelings up until now?

Take breaths and connect to yourself here

Feel into the journey you have made with your Lingam until now

The ups and downs between you

The pleasure and joy your LINGAM has brought you

Take time to be together

When you feel a connection to this place, or your time for meditating is coming to an end,

take five long deep breaths into your LINGAM,

imagining that you could breath air in through the soles of your feet, up the legs, into LINGAM,

then breathing out again back down the legs into the earth

Rest as long as you like and make notes in your journal as to anything you noticed or any feelings that may have arisen in connecting to this part of your body in this way

If you feel arousal, or a longing for 'more', notice that too

We recommend holding off ejaculations these next few days and looking to go deeper into energetic sensitivity

Day Two - Sensing LingamPOWER OF PLEASURE
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1. Prepare a ritual space for yourself

2. You may lie, stand or sit down for this meditation

3. Have your journal ready to write notes on your experience afterwards

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