• 2 hours
  • Package Price 650EUR
  • SNATCH studio | Berlin

Service Description

Package of 5 x 2hr sessions EXPLORE YOURSELF THROUGH THIS SERIES OF EXPANSIVE BODYWORK SESSIONS An ideal first step into Tantra, developing your sense of embodiment and sensitivity to energy streamings Our physical body is the CONTAINER for our ENERGY - although at times, it can also act as a PRISON for our energy Hard, dense, inflexible tissue does not allow energy to flow out or through, reducing your energetic sensitivity Tense tissues, especially around the pelvis, thighs and abdomen, inhibit full capacity pleasure. We can see this as a form of energetic and physical 'ARMOUR' This armouring in your tissues makes it difficult to feel the flow of energy within yourself that is central to the tantric path Free yourself from the rigidity of tough tissues through focused tension release, as you expand into a feeling of relaxed energetic vibrancy I follow your body's indications as to where and how to touch - you are in charge of the session and guide me as to how deep to go as we look for the threshold of gentle release before contraction sets in Be curious about what messages, emotions or memories may arise, ready to enter into awareness in the mind You may enter into corners of the body that have become dark or 'dusty' from lack of connection to your awareness Take a deep breathe, bringing fresh air and life energy into those tight spots, expanding into them once more - like a form of spring cleaning! Allow yourself to surrender to a feeling of aliveness in the body, fully allowing and experiencing pleasure, pain, joy and sorrow **************************************************** A NOTE ON BOUNDARIES Session times are from arrival at the studio to departure Underwear can be worn in these sessions and there is no intimate touch

Cancellation Policy

Your session time is reserved exclusively for you - please respect a 24hr cancellation policy Rescheduling your appointment to a new date and time is free of charge In case of same day cancellations I request a 50EUR fee

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  • Boddinstraße, Berlin, Germany