• 2 hours 30 minutes
  • €200 euros
  • SNATCH studio | Berlin

Service Description

These sensitively held healing sessions are focused on experiencing the energetic imprints you are holding within yourself in your: YONI sanskrit word for the female sex including vulva and perineum LINGAM or VAJRA sanskrit words for the male sex including root and stem of the penis, testicles as well as surrounding tissues and perineum ROSETTA the anus, or, 'little rose bud' as we refer to this pleasurable part of the body in Tantra Here we are approaching touch on the sex organs from a perspective of: understanding and recognizing your sexual anatomy, connecting to and releasing tension, exploring in a safe and held manner any unresolved emotional disturbances - What energetic imprints are within your sex? - What feelings do you carry around your sexuality? - By taking time and being present, we will work together to explore and check for any tense, sore or numb areas - You can guide the depth of the touch, feeling into the points and gradually releasing anything being held onto - Images, memories, emotions, feelings - all could arise during this process - You will be held in a safe space where you can be free to express yourself. - Take time to consider your emotional landscape - how easy is it for you to express your feelings? - There is space to talk openly about any themes related to your sexuality ******************************************** INTIMATE DE-ARMOURING initial session up to 150mins 200 EUR ******************************************** A NOTE ON BOUNDARIES These sessions involve intimate touch in the sense of exploration and healing without an erotic intent Session times are from arrival to departure and allow for an opening discussion and/or extended coaching, showering if desired, warm-up exercises, bodywork and closing reflections

Cancellation Policy

Your session time is reserved exclusively for you - please respect a 24hr cancellation policy Rescheduling your appointment to a new date and time is free of charge In case of same day cancellations I request a 50EUR fee

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  • Boddinstraße, Berlin, Germany