TANTRIC BODYWORK follows intuitively what your body needs

in each and every cherished moment

A joyous meditation,

a prayer between two spirits joining together

to celebrate what it means to feel fully alive

Through your body before me, I find my way back to myself
I reach for not only your skin, but also my own soul in this process

Slow, caring, compassionate touch

with pauses to take breathe together

We will build and distribute energy throughout your body, 

bringing you into a state outside of the known,

becoming aware of who you truly are beyond the physical form

This experience will recharge you with fresh life energy

and a sense of your own renewed sexual power away from conditioned erotic stereotypes


These sessions work with the free flow of energy around the body to create states of altered consciousness

For best results, explore the expansive bodywork de-armouring series as an ideal preparatory stage for tantric bodywork

The techniques move along the meridian system, releasing tension along the way

 A blend of strong and light touches open up these channels and tease sensitivity to the lighter touches

The range of pressure and depth makes this a wonderful massage for health and balance as well as erotic expansion

Stronger strokes make an impression on the physical body while lighter strokes engage the energetic body

The massage stimulates and spreads heat by raising energy as well as coolness through relaxation and release

There will be moments of stillness and non-contact to develop a feeling of energy flowing within presence

This blend of BEING as well as DOING can allow you to experience yourself on both a physical and energetic level


We often overlook the simpler pleasures in life

Retrain your senses to unveil the divine lying within the ordinary and discover the power of feeling your eroticism from within

The key here is to allow more depth of SENSITIVITY rather than needing excessive stimulation
Enjoy the delicate aromas of essential oils and incense, the ethereal touch of light massage alongside feathers or fur

Expand genital-focused sexuality into FULL BODY sexuality by re-wiring to include other EROGENOUS ZONES within your pleasure map

Exploring the depths of pleasure available as you feel the connection deepening between SEX and HEART




If you wish, respectful and honouring INTIMATE TOUCH for health and vitality can be included in this full body massage session

With my support and guidance, you can experiment with TANTRIC TECHNIQUES to fully immerse yourself

into this unique style of bodywork

Depending upon your desired intention for each session, you might choose to experiment with such elements as:

- learning how to be an active receiver by guiding my touch

- responding to touch with variations in your breath, body movement and allowing sound as three keys to energetically expanded states

- trying out pelvic rocking and the PC MUSCLE PUMP

- exploring conscious breath techniques

- seeing what it feels like to pull energy up the 'inner flute' astral pathway between sex, heart and third eye centers

Mixing and matching these techniques can potentially allow an altered state of awareness in your massage experience


Find out more about how to have a 'HEART-GASM' or BIG DRAW energy-gasm as part of your session,

or alternatively, include one of the below options for a deeper understanding of your sexual energy as life energy as you take a step further onto the tantric path and encounter the many possibilities available between energetic and physical pleasure



This involves one simple slow repeated touch on your sex, with the idea to encourage mindfulness

The stroke doesn't change or get faster over the 20-30minutes meditation time

After the meditation, there will be sufficient resting time to fully process the experience

The intention is to find aliveness from within the stillness rather than through stimulation, excitement and release



Allow yourself to be curious as to what lies 'beyond physical orgasm'

You will realize for yourself the different qualities of the FIRE (plus +) and WATER (minus -) poles in your sex

We will be in regular communication as to what touch you need to first recognize and then balance these two qualities of energy

The ritual concludes at the point of balance between the two poles, coming into stillness, allowing the kundalini to rise into the brain to experience the meditative bliss that is offered through this altered state of consciousness rather than a physical orgasmic release

Notice the effect this can have on you in the following day after the session

Tantra offers the chance to learn how to live in high energetic states as a way of life


2,5hr session (massage time up to 90mins)

200 EUR

3hr session (massage time up to 120mins)

250 EUR

3,5hr session (massage time up to 150mins)

300 EUR


Tantric Bodywork is an experiential learning session blending sex coaching with tantra massage techniques

Please kindly note that:

- there is no specific focus on gratification or physical release in these sessions

- I am always fully dressed in a sarong or sports bra/shorts and in the role of giving touch

- Intimate touch is given while wearing nitrile gloves

Up to an hour is included additionally to the actual massage time to allow a no rush approach, with an initial intro chat to clarify your intention for the session, showering time before/after as desired, warm-up exercises/meditation, bodywork, sufficient resting time to integrate and a closing sharing around your experience


It often takes more time for female flavoured beings to feel safe in order to be able to fully relax and let go into their pleasure

For those sisters wishing to have their body respectfully honoured, I offer this special ritual, allowing you to celebrate your eroticism with a slow, tender and gently sensual tantra massage experience

Boundaries will be clearly discussed before and during the massage where appropriate

Nudity and intimate massage are possible, but not required, in order to benefit from this experience

session duration up to 3,5hrs

250 EUR


Specific techniques can be included in your session to support you in overcoming any limitations you feel you may have within your sexuality