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Tantra Massage for Couples


A structured introduction to exploring and experiencing tantra massage together

Find the sweet spot between you, as you discover how to approach

your partner's body with mindful conscious touch sourced from sex, heart and spirit

Work with the four elements to create journeys through various styles of touch,

opening up your sexual vocabulary and expanding the potential for creativity in your approach to lovemaking together

We will explore how to set up the space, ground into the body and feel into the spirit of honoring each other before moving into any physical contact - working with three qualities of touch emanating from the three centres

I will guide you both in terms of basic massage techniques - either over the body or also including intimate touch if that is within your boundaries as a couple. Most importantly, you will learn how to give your lover feedback and how to receive that feedback in a way that feels good to you both as these sessions are based upon the receiver feeling into, and clearly asking form the touch that they wish for and the giver 'serving' their partner from within their own boundaries


This allows a delicious fluidity within your sexual experiences, approaching each other from a place of curiosity and acceptance around your desires changing in each and every moment rather than an expectation that things will always be the same between you in your lovemaking

Either I will guide you guys through giving each other touch in new ways,

or if you prefer, I can join in with your partner to give you a 4-handed massage experience (at a surplus charge)

Please kindly note that I always remain dressed in sarong or underwear while giving massage and touch would be one way only


There are a variety of possible ways that we can work together in exploring

the art of giving a sensual tantric massage to your partner

It's important for you to both check in with yourselves, and each other, around what feels right in terms of your boundaries

I will always be wearing a sarong in sessions, but if one or both of you prefers to be undressed, partially or fully, then that is also welcome but ultimately up to you to decide

Some of these options allow for me to massage your partner in the spirit of teaching and learning new ways to to

If that is not something you feel comfortable with then it's also perfectly possible that I guide you verbally in giving touch for the whole session, rather than showing techniques on your partner

Feel into how you wish to experience these sessions in a way that feels safe to you both

I am pleased to support you as you need

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