SOMATIC SEX COACHING is a hands-on modality that blends sex therapy, coaching and education with bodywork. 

I am pleased to offer a series of coaching sessions to assist you to live, love and create the sensual life you hope for. Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience.

These sessions build an embodied practice over time under an overall aim we will define (and redefine if necessary) together within our first meeting. We would ideally meet 3-5 times in person (or over skype in the case of distance coaching) over a defined time period, with exercises given for you to try out at home under email guidance.

We may work with structured discussion, stretching, simple breath work as well as specific practices such as witnessing you as a sexual being in your self-touch, genital meditation, 'mapping' the vagina and anus internally, pelvic release work to name but a few of the wonderful possibilities this therapeutic modality includes.

In sexological bodywork sessions I will always be fully clothed, respecting a professional distance to allow you to focus on your learning.  We will normally work on a massage table for bodywork sessions, and any internal intimate touch will be carried out with gloves. Although pleasure may be present and is welcomed, the focus is rather on your awareness and feedback to sensations than gratification.

Sexual energy is a powerful form of vital life force.

The themes we encounter within our sexuality will often reflect core life themes for positive changes in the realms of self-acceptance and self-love.

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