I am pleased to offer a series of in-person sessions from my Berlin based studio to assist you to live, love and create the fulfilling sensual intimacy that you wish for  - with yourself and/or in partnership(s)

Blending sex therapy, embodied erotic education and somatic practices alongside the option of:

- self-massage and/or receiving bodywork for individual coaching

- partner touch and/or receiving bodywork for couples coaching


These sessions build an embodied practice over time under an overall aim we will define (and possibly redefine) together within our first meeting. If you like to speak around your intention beforehand and get a feel for our compatibility, I offer a 15 minute intake consultation free of charge. Just get in touch with me to arrange your preferred time or book online

We would ideally meet 3-10 times as feels needed for your intention - in-person or as a mixture of online and in-person sessions - over a defined time period, with exercises given for you to try out at home under email guidance between meetings

 Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience


Who is this for?

The processes at SNATCH have been carefully developed to support those individuals and couples who wish to commit to their personal development and self-actualization while being at a point in their lives where they are ready to dedicate the time, energy and resources necessary for this delicate but rewarding process

Your journey is unique to you and finding your own approach to inspire your desired growth will look different for each person

We are all capable of finding our own answers within. Let go of any ideas of being 'broken', 'not healed' or needing fixing from an 'expert' on the outside and instead embrace where you are at and look for your own empowered approach towards self-mastery, change and expansion - with my role being to offer intuitive focus, gentle guidance and loving support from outside as needed along the way

For those in couples who wish to work with me on an individual basis, my preference would be that you speak with your partner(s) before embarking on this process so that there is an openness and understanding within your partnership that you wish to make changes. This is particularly relevant for sessions involving intimate touch from me and I am pleased to offer support for this process if you have fears come up around it


How does it work?

The adventure begins by feeling into those longings deep inside as to what you really wish for and daring to speak them out as we consider together how I can support you along the way

The most successful coaching arises from your own willingness to fine-tune your clarity as to what it is you truly want at each step

Intention setting is such a large part of any process inviting change that I recommend to read this article to get started with yours before contacting me to set up an initial intake chat free of charge where we will look more closely together at where you want to go with this work

Sessions are always a co-creation between us based on a clear overall intention for your time working with me which is focused into a 'bite-size step' per online/in-person meeting with a clear summary of your own perceived learning at the end

We will decide upon a suitable practice to continue with between sessions that contributes towards your desired growth


The kinds of intentions I hear often are related to such topics as:

I want to get more in touch with myself, I feel disconnected somehow from my body, feelings and desires

I've heard about energy but don't really know what it means. How can Tantra inspire my sex life?

I feel stuck in my head in life and this reflects in my sexual connections. I'd like to be more present to my pleasure

I need everything to be harder and faster but notice that its not fulfilling me. How can I reset my sensual sensitivity?

My sexuality has become routine, with myself and/or with my partner it feels the same. How can I expand?

I have a spiritual practice in place but haven't managed to integrate sexuality into that sphere of my life

I wish for deeper connections but feel the need to protect against intimacy - how can I change that?

I experience pelvic pain, soreness during arousal/sex or menstrual issues and would like support to explore this further

I don't feel comfortable with my body and its affecting my sexual confidence

I am curious about anal play but have soreness or shame around this area and am not sure what I like

I somehow feel shame around sex despite knowing its fine... how can I release these feelings and celebrate my pleasure?

I feel disconnected from my body and find it hard to know what I want or how to ask for my needs to be met

I find it hard to trust others when it comes to touch and wish for support to realize what I need to feel safe to open up sexually

I have experienced violation physically, emotionally and/or sexually and would like to process that and find my voice again

I feel insecure around pleasuring my partner and would like to learn more about how to give sensual touch

I'd like to move my sexuality away from the pressure of 'desire' and 'needing' into a space of curiosity and expansion

I can't always get physically aroused (erection/lubrication) when I want to and would like to understand better why that is

I orgasm sooner than I would like to and wish to learn more about why this happens so I can change it

I find it hard to orgasm at all and I would really like to

I can orgasm alone easily but with a partner something is getting in the way

I am not sure how to communicate my desires clearly with my partner when it comes to sex

I would like more ideas how to approach sex with my partner in new ways and feel more creative in our sensual connection


Who is this work not for?

Those hoping for a quick fix solution to mechanisms that often take years to have built up to their current outcome

All issues can be worked with in the sense of finding deeper understanding as to the wisdom of the body and learning how to make different choices through educating yourself, becoming aware of what's going on on the body level, feeling into what needs to be felt and focusing on what you truly want. None of this will usually happen overnight, especially if handing over the responsibility for your healing to others rather than being committed, actively involved in the process and using the time between sessions to integrate the learnings while practicing regularly whatever home study we may decide upon to benefit the growth you are aiming for


What are your boundaries?

I will always be fully clothed or wearing a sarong in sessions, respecting a professional distance to support you in your learning

Touch is given in one direction (from me to you)

Bodywork will normally be performed on a massage table or occasionally a futon depending upon requirements

Any intimate touch will be carried out only under your specific consent both before beginning the session and during

All touch on genitals is given while wearing nitrile gloves

Pleasure may be present and is welcomed within the framework of your learning process, developing awareness of and feedback to sensation

Due to the intensity of our work together and the need to maintain professional clarity please kindly note that I do not take up invitations to spend time together privately outside of our sessions

I am currently applying for membership with The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and am committed to abiding by their code of ethics for touch based practitioners, which you can read here


We may explore

- structured discussion

- stretching / somatics

- simple breathwork

- meditation (including orgasmic meditation | genital meditation)

- tantric and taoist energetic techniques

- mindful self-pleasure coaching / creating an orgasmic yoga practice

- pelvic release work for pelvic pain, erection/ejaculation issues, PMS and menstrual issues, lack of sexual sensation

'mapping' the genitals and/or anus internally by exploring energetic imprints held and rediscovering these parts of your body and your relationship to them in a safe, slow and supportive setting

I specialize in these areas

- issues around orgasm (too soon, not soon enough, not at all, not with a partner)

- intimate healing bodywork for tension/pain in the pelvic and genital area

- supporting those who have been touched without consent to find their way back to empowerment

- boundary setting and sexual assertiveness 

- lack of desire

- premature ejaculation and erection issues


Sexual energy is a powerful form of vital life force

The themes we encounter within our sexuality will often reflect core life themes for positive changes in the realms of self-acceptance and self-love


I warmly welcome beings of all genders, races and orientations who feel called to work with me and am pleased to offer alternative contribution systems for those who feel they could benefit from this work over a longer time period but whose access to it is inhibited by current financial means


For more information on somatic sex coaching you can check here:




involving discussion, somatic exercises and the option of non-intimate bodywork

session duration up to 2,5hr

150 EUR   individuals

200 EUR       couples


involving discussion, somatic exercises and/or bodywork

session duration up to 2,5hr

200 EUR   individuals

250 EUR       couples


involving discussion, somatic exercises and/or bodywork

each session duration up to 2,5hr

500 EUR   individuals

650 EUR       couples


involving discussion, somatic exercises and/or bodywork

each session duration up to 2,5hr

800 EUR   individuals

1000 EUR      couples

each additional hour

60 EUR   individuals

80 EUR       couples

Session times are from arrival to departure and allow up to an hour for an opening discussion and/or extended coaching, showering if desired, warm-up exercises, bodywork and closing reflections