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a ritual of me


Reclaiming pleasure as a path to personal power

Our first and foremost sexual relationship is with ourselves

How is that relationship doing these days?

Would you say you are somewhat stuck in a rut with your solo-loving? 

Is it always feeling the same?

Do you feel limited by being overly goal-based in your self-pleasuring, finding yourself only able to orgasm in a certain way?


Often we learn over time to respond only to the stimulation we are used to experiencing repeatedly in our self-touch

Are you curious to bring in new ideas to enjoy life, love and your body each day?

Spice up your solo love life with this one month empowered pleasure coaching package


This journey explores the integration of CONSCIOUS SELF-PLEASURE into a DAILY SENSUAL EMBODIMENT PRACTICE

You will build the skills and awareness to enjoy your SEXUAL ENERGY AS AN EXPRESSION OF SELF-LOVE

These skills are the basis for moving into TANTRIC PRACTICE with a partner

Many people, including myself in the beginning of my journey, have the belief that to explore conscious sexuality and tantra a partner is needed

Sure, as part of your development you will want to explore these energy sex practices together with someone else - but if you are not able to master these skills in your own body, it will be difficult to manage to circulate energy with someone else


Make it your aim this month to really get to know new ways to experience pleasure within your body

Form the intention for 30 minutes each and every day dedicated to enjoying pleasure consciously - however works for you

My list of practices will provide all the options and exercises you could need to get into bliss states each and every day

Ecstasy - here we come!

Experiment with the practice of ORGASMIC YOGA as a mindful approach to solo loving

- Let go of self-touch as solely a method to achieve orgasm and explore your body creatively

- Exploring your eroticism through body-based sensual awareness

- Using breath, movement and pelvic muscle exercises to affect your arousal

- Riding the pleasure wave by bringing in peak and valley orgasmic experiences

- Having the freedom to choose between excitement of the mind through porn or fantasy and arousal stemming from your own bodily sensation and feeling within



Introduction to the the practice of Orgasmic Yoga

Weekly support through a 60-minute online coaching

Structured email correspondence featuring personalised exercises as well as instructional and inspirational videos



These are coaching sessions where the practices themselves are carried out offline in your own private space and the experiences you have with them brought into this coaching container for overview and discussion

If you prefer the option to be supported with your practices live on camera then I suggest instead

the GUIDED SELF-PLEASURE journey accessible here


up to 60mins each week

over skype or zoom

300 EUR

including online sessions, emailed practices/resources


400 EUR

including online sessions, emailed practices/resources, recordings of each session & access to a private whatsapp chat for sharing experiences with each practice


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