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COUPLES COACHING at SNATCH can be a hands-on or -off experience blending the benefits of sex coaching together with tantra either through online or in-person guidance

I am pleased to offer this series of sessions to assist you to live, love and create the sensual life that you both hope for individually and as a couple

Learn more about your body's pleasure responses, starting with your current patterns and habits as a couple and looking for ways to expand and grow what is possible for you to experience together.

COUPLES SESSIONS blend the benefits of both sex coaching and tantra, with a particular focus around how to create expansive sensual massage experiences for each other alongside my online or in-person guidance and support

Finding your TRUE SEXUAL SELVES in a world full of stereotypes

COUPLES SELF-PLEASURE COACHING expanding into a conscious, shared and shame-free self-love practice

- Exploring between a physical based sexuality to an ENERGETIC SEXUALITY

- Exploring A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT TOUCHES together and practicing to ask for and clarify your wishes around receiving touch

- how to TOUCH YOUR PARTNER CONSCIOUSLY from awareness of the 3 centers, deepening intuitive feeling to ride pleasure waves together

- learn to give TANTRIC LINGAM AND YONI MASSAGE to your partner

- discover the energetic sexuality meditation technique of EXTENDED SPIRITUAL ORGASM
- MULTIPLE 'ENERGY ORGASMS' through learning to surrender to energy flow

- Learning how to help your partner DELAY EJACULATION through use of the breath and pelvic tension release

- What is FEMALE EJACULATION and how can I explore this with my partner through intimate massage?
- opening up to
- coaching around connecting with and experiencing the PROSTATE as a spiritual centre of male sexuality

- offer the gift of holding space to your partner for a SEXUAL HEALING journey together

- Learning how to support each other in finding and releasing BLOCKAGES to enjoying the sexual life you wish for


I offer personalized extended teaching packages to couples interested in learning Tantra

see HERE for infos and pricing


There is also an option to 'fly to you' for specialist in-person coaching in your home environment

pricing available upon request

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