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An EXCLUSIVE ARRANGEMENT for those wishing to delve deeper into themselves through experiential work over a longer time period

We take time to discuss and co-create a personalized retreat experience featuring a UNIQUE BLEND of teaching topics, crafted to create a journey of learning suited to your needs

Your journey may focus entirely upon one of the immersion themes suggested, or embrace elements of many of them depending on your particular requirements

We will delve into what is right for you in the initial intent setting process together

at my studio space

All immersions and personal retreats include

an intent setting call and integration call of up to 1hr each


up to 7hrs

750 EUR

includes a 2hr lunch or dinner break for integration



up to 14hrs

1400 EUR

includes a 2hr lunch or dinner break for integration on each day together

For individuals, couples options are listed here

VAT Invoicing is available upon request


available worldwide upon request

I may fly to your location of choice as your personal coach upon request,

with a personlized teaching to suit your intent drawn from the themes offered

This option can be reserved as a journey of up to 10hrs over two days at a location of your choice - or can be adapted/extended as preferred

3000 EUR individuals

4000 EUR couples

All immersions and personal retreats include a pre-meet intent setting call and

follow up integration call of up to 1hr each

The following expenses are at your kind invitation and considered additionally to the agreed workshop fee:

- transport and catering

- accommodation in a private room for arrangements that require an overnight stay

Contact me to discuss availability for your preferred arrangement


It is possible to arrange longer immersions over multiple days

Here we have the option to blend the self-discovery available through these sessions alongside a carefully structured physical and mental detox/cleanse/fasting programme

This is best suited to a location within nature, with access to water or a sauna for cleansing

There will be plenty of space provided between each session in which to process the depth of the work


a note on privacy and confidentiality

Rest assured that any and all of our communications and interactions remain 100% confidential

I welcome non-disclosure agreements where appropriate and guarantee discretion and respect

for your privacy

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