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SNATCH represents a homage to the cosmic womb,

a container within which to be held while forging your unique path towards expansion


It is a space created to give form to your energy for change,

a warm and nurturing fertile crucible to fuel personal exploration - supporting transformation 

within yourself, your sexuality, your life


I offer integrated guidance that embraces both a holistic (whole-being) and somatic (body-based) perspective

My approach honors sexuality for it's inherent naturalness and beauty, whilst also recognizing this level of our existence as being a vital portal to access the power of an embodied state of being


This most potent form of life energy has so often become distorted away from it's creative essence

The processes at SNATCH are specially formulated to support those wishing for the freedom to fully access and enjoy their bodily experience, allowing for a deeply satisfying connection to self, universe and other

Develop your very own refreshing, life-affirming and nourishing erotic practice that inspires you to confidently conceive of, communicate and create the fulfilling sensual intimacy you long for in your relationship with yourself and/or current/future partner(s)

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I work respectfully and compassionately to guide greater awareness within the body at your own pace. I passionately believe that we can all return to a basis of safety and enjoyment within bodily sensation if provided with enough space, time and tenderness in this delicate and sacred process of reclaiming pleasure as our birthright


Commit to coming home to the exquisite intensity of embodied presence

Join an ever-growing collective of pleasure rebels embarking upon this journey to get back in touch with their sensitivity,

their energy, their power

Erotic empowerment is based within the ability to experience yourself in the here and now

entering this gateway that lies deep within the present moment,

through which you may fly beyond the everyday into another reality beyond

Get in touch to start your journey



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