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learn to create a space of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment through conscious self-pleasure practices

we live in a culture where bigger is often seen as better...

going faster, pushing harder, doing more are the most highly prized and valued virtues

while in reality they are not


where we are also led to believe that having more of everything...

money, businesses, women, cars, boats, homes, vacations, etc.

is the highest indicator of success, accomplishment, and what leads to long-term happiness and satisfaction at school, work, life or in relationships


also false


meanwhile, if losing themselves in the pursuit of these ideals, men may begin putting so much pressure on themselves that they end up overstepping their own mental, physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries


without a way to self-source, they sooner or later stumble into personal crisis

rather than developing  a sense of centeredness and nourishment, men can be left feeling anxious, afraid, angry, insecure, dulled down, depressed, desensitised, overwhelmed, blocked, impotent, stagnant, empty and powerless in their lives


now what?

we invite you to embark upon this sacred four week online journey that will introduce you to the foundations of building a new profound, trustworthy connection with Your Self - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - through your own self pleasure practice


additionally, Bodhi MICHAEL will be hosting the optional weekly men's online sharing circle

here you will have the opportunity to give updates and to provide insights about your successes and the challenges you may face on your journey to the other men


through speaking, listening, and holding space for yourself, and others, in circle you will receive invaluable support and be of profound service to fellow men also on their journey to form a connection with the Self that may become as honest, authentic, integral and unique as they are


as personal connection and pleasure with Your Self deepens and grows during this one month process, you will notice that your sensitivity, safety in your body, security, sexual desire, personal power and vitality increase, leading to greater creativity, joy, playfulness, curiosity, and deep feelings of happiness and satisfaction 



a four week online guided process with various options to choose from that best suit your learning needs and preferred financial investment

we will all begin together on an introductory ceremony call as the programme begins, with space to feel into and create a meaningful intent for the weeks ahead as well as connecting as a full group before going on our chosen learning pathway as clarified below


111 EUR

5 x daily somatic exercises per week to explore connection to self and pleasure in different ways during january

short concise texts to introduce the themes of each week and structure your learning

each week you will be drawn deeper into the process of curating your own personal erotic nourishment ceremonies that fit your needs

recommended time commitment is 30mins per day to overview the exercise, practice and write reflections in your journal

5 days are structured per week, with two days to rest, integrate and play with what has been learned in a more creative, free-form manner


333 EUR

12 spaces available

an exclusive opportunity for a select group who feel to come together each week as courageous, vulnerable self-explorers  - sharing around their experiences within a respectfully held supportive atmosphere

there is real power in coming together to speak about such topics as are often kept deep within the closed and hidden parts of ourselves

this option also includes a buddy system, where you can support each other daily to stay focused on your intent and goals for yourself

as the programme comes to an end, there will be a follow up integration call offered for those on this pathway to complete the experience


888 EUR

6 spaces available

for those men who wish elite level support for their january reboot, we are pleased to offer individual coaching alongside the online guidance and men's circles each week

here is a space to put your queries, questions, musings, hopes, challenges and patterns on the table and receive one-on-one support to move towards the changes you imagine for yourself

you will have one hour per week of the programme as well as an integration call within the weeks following the process to check-in and offer support as to how to continue implementing desired changes for the long term

sessions may be with either danni or bodhi as preferred and also includes email support as needed

each day on this journey you will be invited to get to know and explore yourself through the following:


• activations

• somatic exercises

• practices

• reflections

alongside an overall theme for each week


re-programming & transforming



your journey to power through self pleasure begins this New Year, January 1st, 2024

come join us!


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