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Through allowing ourselves to play consciously with the themes of

power over and under, dominance and submission,

we free ourselves of the unconscious living out of these dynamics in our lives

The tantric dom/ina holds all who seek them with such firm loving presence on the outside,

those layers of holding and control built up to protect can finally soften - releasing their energies once more

The longing to submit to something far beyond themselves takes hold

On a deeply visceral level it becomes clear that it is now time, to let go...

...into the freedom and pleasure of total surrender



   A seven day WORKSHOP

facilitated by

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A tantric dom/ina is an initiator in the realms of raising energy and consciousness

They take their receiver on a journey of transformation

 from darkness into light, from shame into pleasure, stagnation into movement

What is hidden, suppressed or unconscious is given permission, moves into consciousness,

paving the way for greater self-acceptance, self-love and integrity

Their dominance comes from a pure joy in leading and guiding others

Rather than using violence, force or pretence,

they use the power that arises from being in alignment with our Truth,

the power made possible through the acknowledgement and acceptance of our darkness and shadow, rather than the rejection of it

This means being able to be transparently honest and consequently vulnerable

Surrendering transcends the personal,

they become a model of surrendering to something far greater,

to the divine feminine, to our energy despite our fears, or to life itself

Their work seeks to create greater balance, connection and wholeness,

a balance between our inner & outer worlds, between heart and sex, body and mind, spirit and matter

They understand that true ‘perversion’ is in the repression and taboo that leads to the original sublimation of sexual excitement into the more socially acceptable energy forms of power or morality, rather than pure pleasure

As they move us towards embracing pleasure,

the violence falls away and our true innocence is regained,

not a naïve or blind innocence, but the recognition we arrive at, having eaten the apple of consciousness, that when we drop all doing and all the agendas of our ego, our being is innocent'


The workshop focuses on creating and practicing one-on-one sessions that offer the possibility to further embody and integrate the ethos and learnings of John Hawken’s DARK EROS journey

We will work with various tools to invite the receiver to open deeper into contact…

with themselves, their limits, their longings, their energy… with life

 the portal to the next level lies within the parts of you that you avoid 

The task of a tantra dom/ina is to lead, guide and lovingly support this process of surrendering

With your presence on the outside, the receiver is firmly held - a space of permission opened

letting down into forbidden feeling

allowing repressed emotion to move through

shining the light of consciousness onto hidden shadows

discovering dormant desires…

all of which may be bound up with large amounts of contracted energy

The course is designed to follow on from John Hawken’s Dark Eros

Participants must have taken part in this work either via the week long training with John himself,

or the intro/weekend private intensive offer here

We begin by overviewing and deepening of your awareness to the key themes of this work,

developing our possibilities in curating such a journey for someone

Participants will receive a practical foundation for working with tantric principles to guide others through the exploration of first chakra existential themes such as power, control, pain, anger, blame, guilt and shame

in order to move towards greater pleasure, consciousness and alignment with the Self

Open to all genders and sexual preferences, the training is suited for those already working professionally with sexuality or bdsm, who would like to develop more consciousness around their work

It is also of interest for those curious around developing a career in this field

Those wishing to pursue the topic for purely personal growth and development purposes are also welcome,

as well as couples who want to explore it as an intense path of practice within their personal relationship(s)

Teaching will have both theoretical and practical components, influenced by:

Tantra, Dark Eros, Shamanism, Bio-energetics, Somatic Experiencing, Sexological Bodywork and Conscious Kink

Module 1


25th November - 1st December 2024

Introduction to the Tantric Dom/ina

Overview and deepening of key Dark Eros Elements

Principles and Skills in the Practice of Tantric Domination

Working with Pain and Emotional Charge

Reichian Character Structures and Resistance

Transforming Traumatic Responses

Two further practice modules towards a practitioner certification may be available in the future upon interest



 until 1st August

550 EUR


 until 1st November 

650 EUR


 shall be punished... 

750 EUR

accommodation and catering costs

at the venue are to be considered extra to the training fee

those in need of an invoice, 19% VAT is added additionally to the above prices, unless you are registered for VAT outside of Germany



Świeradów Zdrój, POLAND

close to the border with Germany and Czech Republic




Accommodation and catering at the venue can be considered on top of the training fee

for 6 nights with 3 meals per day

460 EUR


Główna 12,

59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój


The centre is reached by car in around 2hrs from Dresden or Prague,

4hrs from Berlin and 6hrs from Warsaw

Transport to the workshop is at your own cost

Enquire about rideshares from major cities via email here

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