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The processes at SNATCH have been carefully developed to support those who wish to commit to their personal development and self-actualization


Coaching containers are suited to those at a point in their lives where they are ready to dedicate the time, energy and resources necessary for this delicate but rewarding process of transformation

Your journey is unique to you and finding your own approach to inspire your desired growth will look different for each person

We are all capable of finding our own answers within if we have enough guidance and support

As your coach, I offer intuitive focus, clear feedback and loving presence to find your way to clarity

Let go of any ideas of being 'broken', 'not healed' or needing fixing from an 'expert' on the outside

Instead we will work together to embrace where you are at and look for your own empowered approach towards self-mastery, change and expansion


Get a feel for working together and explore a topic of your choice

intent setting ritual

4 x 50min sessions

emailed home practice where applicable

telegram support

integration call

850 eur


Sustained support to integrate changes 

intent setting ritual

10 x 50min sessions

emailed home practice where applicable

telegram support

integration call

1600 eur


Going deeper with this longer term mentorship

intent setting ritual

22 x 50min sessions

emailed home practice where applicable

telegram support

integration call

3000 eur


The adventure begins by feeling into those longings deep inside as to what you really wish for and daring to speak them out as we consider together how I can support you along the way

The most successful coaching arises from your own willingness to fine-tune your clarity as to what it is you truly want at each step

Intention setting is such a large part of any process inviting change that I recommend to read this article to get started with yours before contacting me to set up an initial intake chat free of charge where we will look more closely together at where you want to go with this work

Sessions are always a co-creation between us based on a clear overall intent for your time working with me which is focused into a 'bite-size step' per online/in-person meeting with a clear summary of your own perceived learning at the end

We will decide upon a suitable somatic practice to continue between sessions that contributes towards your desired growth


I want to get more in touch with myself, I feel disconnected somehow from my body, feelings and desires I've heard about energy but don't really know what it means How can Tantra inspire my sex life? ​ I am curious to understand my relation to power - my own and others - and explore where I give myself up in relating ​ I need everything to be harder and faster but notice that its not fulfilling me How can I reset my sensual sensitivity? ​ My sexuality has become routine, with myself and/or with my partner it feels the same How can I expand? ​ I have a spiritual practice in place but haven't managed to integrate sexuality into that sphere of my life ​ I wish for deeper connections but feel the need to protect against intimacy - how can I change that? ​ I am curious to explore my sexuality and experiment with other genders - how can I approach this in a safe way while being present to any fears that arise? ​ I don't feel comfortable with my body and its affecting my sexual confidence ​ I am curious about anal play but have soreness or shame around this area and am not sure what I like ​ I somehow feel underlying shame around sex... how can I release these feelings and celebrte my pleasure? I feel stuck in my head in life and this reflects in my sexual connections I'd like to be more present to my pleasure ​ I feel disconnected from my body and find it hard to know what I want or how to ask for my needs to be met ​ I find it hard to trust others when it comes to touch and wish for support around what I need to feel safe to open up ​ I have experienced violation physically, emotionally and/or sexually and would like to process that and find my voice ​ I feel insecure around pleasuring my partner and would like to learn more about how to give sensual touch ​ I'd like to move my sexuality away from the pressure of 'desire' and 'needing' into a space of curiosity and expansion ​ I can't always get physically aroused (erection/lubrication) when I want to and would like to understand why that is ​ I orgasm sooner than I would like to and wish to learn more about why this happens so that I can change it ​ I find it hard to orgasm at all and I would really like to ​ I can orgasm alone easily but with a partner something is getting in the way ​ I am not sure how to communicate my desires clearly with my partner when it comes to sex ​ I would like more ideas how to approach sex with my partner in new ways and feel more creative in our sensual connection


Through this container, you will become aware of what's going on at the somatic level,

finding deeper understanding as to the wisdom of the body

As a result, you can learn how to make different choices through educating yourself,

feeling into what needs to be felt and focusing on what you truly want to create


At the same time, this work can upturn your 'staying comfortable' lifestyle

Think seriously when signing up for something like this that major upheavals can arise as a result

Be prepared to say yes to the new, to a life that tends to your authentic Self

It's important to understand that real change requires dedication,

taking responsibility for your healing and being fully committed to the process over time

rather than seeking quick fix solutions for short term relief over long term gain

I work with those who are ready to be actively involved in the process,

using the time between sessions to integrate the learnings,

practicing regularly whatever home study we may decide upon to benefit the growth you are aiming for


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