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THE ADVENTURER pleasure wand is the perfect tool for those who seek to add some excitement to their playtime...


Made of firm pyrex glass, it is safe to use in all orifices and easy to clean


Two differing ends offer a variety of sensations to explore


The ribbed surface allows for enjoyable anal play, while the other is well suited for g-spot exploration, making it a versatile addition to your collection...


Embark on a journey into your depths with the assistance of this daring ADVENTURER pleasure wand

THE ADVENTURER pleasure wand

  • approx dimensions 17.5cm long  x  3cm widest point

    clean thoroughly and disinfect before using internally

    soaking in warm water with apple cider vinegar & sea salt, then rinsing and smudging with sage, prepare your wand energetically for ritual use

    hold your wand ahead of use and fill it with your intent for your session

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