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Introducing the CERVIX TEASER wand, designed to provide exquisite pleasure and deep relaxation through stimulation of the cervix


Its unique shape is specifically crafted to target the nerve endings surrounding the cervix, which include the vagus nerve, allowing for a nervous system reset and heightened sensations


With slow, meditative movements and moments of stillness, users can experience altered states and even release DMT at this gateway point to the womb


The wand can be used either direction - for a more detailed de-armouring or a fuller pressure depending on your wishes and intent for your ritual


Made from high-quality, body-safe clear glass, the CERVIX TEASER is the perfect addition to any pleasure seeker's collection

CERVIX TEASER pleasure wand

Only 4 left in stock
  • approx dimensions 26.5cm long (including handle)  x  3cm widest point

    clean thoroughly and disinfect before using internally

    soaking in warm water with apple cider vinegar & sea salt, then rinsing and smudging with sage, prepare your wand energetically for ritual use

    hold your wand ahead of use and fill it with your intent for your session

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