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on the art of mending

Much of the work that I do at SNATCH centers around exploring, in some way, the various types of scars we each carry

Most can’t be easily seen

Sitting deep inside our tissues energetically

awaiting a time of sufficient safety and intentional focus

in order to be brought up into awareness and lovingly tended to

Other scars are more obvious

A physical sign permanently etched into our skin

representing a moment in time when this boundary between

our inner realm and the outside world was broken through for whatever reason

Whether purposefully for some kind of medical intervention,

as a result of an accidental experience - or even inflicted by ourselves or others

The art of mending brings this process around full circle,

giving yourself the gift of enough space, time and presence for the scar

to be felt into on both physical and emotional levels

I invite you to experiment, if you feel called, with a session

that allows you to make contact with what lies beneath scar tissue

inviting a broader sense of integrating these ruptures from the past into who you are now

The technique involves:

gentle manual massage

a castor oil topical treatment

guided meditation bringing focus within the area

instructions around how to continue the treatments at home

This is an opportunity for you to experience what wants to be seen and felt

without any pressure or expectation that something ‘should’ happen within the session

Especially welcome are intimate scars from medical interventions in pelvic and/or genital areas

for instance from child birth, vasectomy, hysterectomy or other necessary surgeries


Those with a scar they would like to work with can contact me via for this 1,5hr session or overview it here


Please note that scars must first be fully healed physically (usually 6-10 weeks depending) before beginning this treatment


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