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june 18th


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Sadness gives depth

Happiness gives height

Sadness gives roots

Happiness gives branches


Happiness is like a tree going into the sky,

and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth

Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously




The approaching new moon sits in Gemini

A highly mutable, ultra curious and playful sign linked with the Magician in the tarot thanks to its archetypal patron Mercury and his manifesting powers

Gemini is symbolised by the image of twins, and so it is most appropriate that this air sign rules over the double-organed breathing apparatus that is the lungs

Increasingly deep explorative breathing can allow us to touch into sensitive places within the chest, bringing a gradual sense of ‘letting down’ into this part of the body as we meet more deeply with ourselves and the sadness often held here according to the Chinese medicine tradition


On Sunday June 18th we come together as women to explore and express our grief in circle


A natural and intimate connection with grief, while at times difficult, is a necessary part of our lives and here we have a space to meet it within a group environment


As opposed to the full moon rage circle, here I offer a place for the mourning that sits so closely alongside our anger

May we create a warm and supportive environment in which to feel into and embrace our longings and losses - from the closing moon phase or perhaps much further beyond

To be human is to know sorrow, and yet within that lies grace. Mourning honours what matters most, inviting the full-heartedness engaging with our grief calls for. With each loss, a space is opened that invites the reform of what has been broken, with the potential to alchemise pain towards creative power

From this place we prepare to step forward into the commencing 28 day cycle guided by the seeds of intent formed on this new moon


We begin with a warm up stretch to invite contact with the body, moving into a short breathwork to connect with the emotional body followed by exercises to explore the sensations, sounds and feelings that arise when allowing yourself to enter into grief

We then come together in circle to offer our support as a group to those who would like to receive that experience


The ritual finishes by seeding new intentions for the cycle ahead,

charging them with the breath in honour of the gemini energy



The event allows a gentle exploration of grief, support and togetherness guided by myself as a trauma-informed somatic practitioner and inspired by Ceri Buckmaster's 'Grief, Passion and Wailing'

Bring along water for drinking, a notebook if you like to journal afterwards, something to sit and/or lie comfortably on (a blanket or sarong) and anything you might like to place on a central altar during the ritual if you feel so called

Sunday June 18th

6.30pm - 8.30pm CET

Tempelhof Field, Berlin

from 10 - 20€ depending on means

cash or paypal

write to register and receive the exact location details

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