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There are a variety of possible ways that we can work together in exploring the art of giving a sensual tantric massage to your partner

It's important for you to both check in with yourselves, and each other, around what feels right in terms of your boundaries

I will always be wearing a sarong in sessions, but if one or both of you prefers to be undressed then that is up to you both to decide

Some of these options allow for me to massage your partner in the spirit of teaching and learning new ways to approach touching each other

If that is not something you feel comfortable with then it's also perfectly possible that I guide you verbally in giving touch for the whole session, rather than showing techniques on your partner

Feel into how you wish to experience these sessions in a way that feels safe to you both - I am pleased to support you as you need

It's also possible to 'mix and match' these sessions into the right approach for you personally

Contact me to create your own personalized couples experience



Are you curious to expand your consciousness of yourselves?

This non-intimate introductory session guides you through basic principles of tantra as an approach for consciousness expansion - opening up awareness around what energy is and how it works in your body and in the universe as a whole, showing you through experiential segments how to tap into it for your erotic potential

These segments can be carried out clothed with no touch from me and will bring awareness around sharing energy with each other, giving up the control of the mind and allowing yourself to surrender, connecting heart and sex together energetically

An ideal way to get to know how I work in a relaxed setting before moving forward with one of the below experiences



up to 2hrs in person at my Berlin studio

200 EUR

online over zoom or skype

150 EUR


I offer personalized extended teaching journeys to couples who prefer to learn Tantra together in a private and intimate setting of your choosing

Available at my studio in Berlin or in an online format for remote learning


Alternatively, why not fly me to you for specialist in-person coaching within your home environment or at the location of your choosing

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