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Awakening inner energetic pathways

Yoga is the science of expanding consciousness

By expanding our consciousness, we raise the frequency with which we can experience life

Suddenly the world around us can look very different to when we are stuck in the heaviness of our perceived physical separation

We can connect more deeply with the universe and better perceive our place within it - as a part of a whole connected awareness behind all living things

How to do this? First by connecting deep within ourselves

Tantra Kriya Yoga explores our inner energy pathways as a microcosm to the universe outside of us (macrocosm). These are techniques developed by yogis over thousands of years to manipulate the nervous system in order to extend its possible range and our awareness

Kriya is the ancient technique of rotating consciousness through the astral pathways of the body, producing an altered state of consciousness

Curious to get started? See below for what you can learn on this course

Begin exploring the practice of TANTRA KRIYA YOGA

- Develop a daily practice that offers focus and progress on your spiritual path

- Explore your inner world through yogic techniques

- Open your energy pathways as you begin perceiving and circulating energy around the body

- Discover methods of internal alchemy, magnetizing the spine to pull etheric energy up through the cerebro-spinal fluid

- Cleanse and clear the pathways between the coccyx and the brain, which can then be flooded with cosmic energy

- Learn how to explore the techniques with a partner for accelerated progress on this path to awakening




Introductory email outlining the practice of Tantra Kriya Yoga

Weekly support through a personalised 60-minute skype coaching

Structured email correspondence featuring specially selected exercises


up to 60mins each week

over skype or zoom

300 EUR

including online sessions, emailed practices/resources


400 EUR

including online sessions, emailed practices/resources, recordings of each session & access to a private whatsapp chat for sharing experiences with each practice


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