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These sessions are a loving space to explore the benefits of intimate sensual bodywork

Given with loving attention and presence, you have permission to be exactly as you are - with no need to perform or achieve anything

Tantra is about feeling connected to yourself, feeling accepted and open to receiving conscious mindful touch

You will be in YIN role, relaxing into your receptive quality and allowing yourself to savour each touch by meeting it with your awareness in the body, leaving the thoughts and stresses of the mind behind for a few hours

Touch is given without the aim to excite or arouse, but instead to relax and restore - to fall into a trance like experience where deep release and healing are possible

There is space to fall into trance, 


- a feeling of groundedness through re-connecting with your body

- a feeling of energized aliveness through the opening of the meridians and subsequent flow of the energies created through them

- gently noticing and releasing any shame around your body, arousal and pleasure

- moving out of the everyday and into the 'pleasure frequency', a space of no-mind

- realizing your potential for full body pleasure as an expansion of genital based sexuality

- riding the tantric pleasure wave to experience peak and valley sexuality


- if desired, coaching for men around extending your ability to be in choice around ejaculation


- space to be able to really receive without the feeling of having to give something in return

I offer two approaches to the massage experience:


a blend of strong and light touches to open up your meridians and tease sensitivity to the lighter touches

This massage is about restoring the proper flow of energy around the body.

The techniques move along the meridian system, releasing tension along the way.

A range of pressure and depth makes this a wonderful massage for health and balance.

Stronger strokes make an impression on the physical body while lighter strokes engage the energetic body.

The massage stimulates and spreads heat through raising energy as well as coolness through relaxation and release.

There will be moments of stillness and non-contact to develop a feeling of energy flowing.

This blend of BEING as well as DOING can allow you to experience yourself on both a physical and energetic level.


In a TANTRA MASSAGE, we go further into sensitive touch, this time opening your awareness to the sensuality of your body.

Explore the depths of pleasure available by expanding out of genital based sexuality into full body erogenous exploration.

We often overlook simpler pleasures in life.

Retrain your senses to unveil the divine lying within the ordinary and discover the power of feeling your body from within.

The key here is to allow more depth of SENSITIVITY rather than needing excessive stimulation.
Enjoy the delicate aromas of essential oils and incense, the ethereal touch of light massage alongside feathers or fur.

Explore what it means to move into FULL BODY sexuality rather than GENITAL-BASED sexuality, discovering new EROGENOUS ZONES

 Feel the connection deepening between your SEX and your HEART

Experience a YONI or LINGAM TANTRIC INTIMATE MASSAGE, honouring you in your totality

Try out the skill set available to you in my TANTRIC TOOLS offerings - integrating pelvic rocking and the PC MUSCLE PUMP alongside conscious breathing to assist in pulling energy up the inner flute and experiencing an altered state of awareness in your intimate massage experience

Explore between energetic and physical orgasms by trying out a 'HEART-GASM'

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