I revel in exploring the depth of the present moment in all it's potential for intensity and truth

As a sensual sorceress I am interested in the power of ritual and surrendered states for self-knowledge and understanding, and in Dark Eros,

I will be guiding and supporting you to see deeper into yourself

Let's be natural and authentic, slipping into roles as they feel exciting rather than projecting any persona

You are free to be seen and accepted as you truly are

Time slows down, intensifying your anticipation as we begin exploring those edges...

...finding, teasing and perhaps even surpassing them

But gently. Very gently.


This path allows you to meet face to face with your shadow

To make contact with any repressed fear, anger, shame, grief - finding freedom in awareness and release

Dare to enter into those spaces so many others fear


2hr session (exploration time up to 60mins)

250 EUR

2,5hr session (exploration time up to 90mins)

350 EUR


These sessions are about embracing and releasing the shadow to come further into the light of self-acceptance and self-love

I follow the tantric paradigm where violence, force or pretence have no place

Appointments will be given selectively after a consultation as to your intention

Specialist requests may incur a surcharge

Session times are from arrival to departure and allow around an hour for an opening discussion and/or extended coaching, showering if desired, explorative bodywork and closing reflections