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The act of transgression breaks through the barriers of fear and shame,

and that moment of liberation creates a charge of energy on which we can ride to heights of pleasure and ecstatic experience. It also asserts a sense of self as independent of social norms, a sense of individuality
 – John Hawken

This part of our journey together reflects upon the essential question:

what is your basic attitude towards your sexuality, and as a result, life in general?

Is it fear or is it excitement?


We can look at fear as 'contracted excitement'... and this existential predicament is the focus of Dark Eros

How to transform and expand states such as 'power over', resistance, guilt, anger and withdrawal

into 'power with', love, surrender, lust and being in contact?

Can you allow yourself to expand the kick from indulging in the 'forbidden' into a whole-body relaxed experience of pleasure?

Or is there a limitation in needing immediate release from this contraction?

Moving away from tension around sex, perversion, power and transgression into a relaxed playfulness and acceptance of all the parts of you so often shunned is key to this part of our journey together

You are free to be seen and accepted as you truly are

Being able to explore the roles of dominance and submission within a conscious setting such as this has the potential to release us from any unconscious binding to either role in our daily lives

I revel in exploring the depth of the present moment in all it's potential for intensity and truth

Embrace the potency of focused ritual and surrendered states for self-knowledge and understanding,

as I guide and support you to see deeper into yourself

This path allows you to meet face to face with your shadow parts

Those places in you that you avoid, project, hide, reject

Make contact with repressed anger, shame, grief or desire

Dare to enter into those parts of yourself that you fear,

finding freedom within the awareness and release that you so long for


Bookable as a two day experience journeying into your darker parts


These sessions are about embracing and releasing the shadow to come further into the light of self-acceptance and self-love

I follow the tantric paradigm where violence, force or pretence have no place

I will always be fully dressed in sessions and any touch within intimate areas will be given while wearing nitrile gloves

Appointments will be given selectively after a consultation as to your intention

Specialist requests may incur a surcharge

Session times are from arrival to departure and allow around an hour for an opening discussion and/or extended coaching, showering if desired, explorative bodywork and closing reflections

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