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why is breath so important in a tantra massage?

Breath is the ONLY thing that will not change between birth and the moment of death… the only certainty you can rely on in life is that you will be breathing. And when the breath is no longer there, life is no longer there.

If you were to forget to breathe, you would no longer exist – hence it is happening automatically, you don't ever have to think abut it. Even in a coma, breath will go on. You are not required for it – but your breathing will continue like some mysterious force linking you with life on this world.

In essence, your breath is in fact your life.

And in India breath and life are linked under the same term - PRANA.

I invite you to meditate a moment on these thoughts and appreciate your ability to breathe!

Breath is a bridge: a bridge between you and your body, your conscious and unconscious mind, and even between your internal world and the universe around you. Each breath is bringing the outside into you.

Are you able to open up and SURRENDER – to let the universe fill you with fresh air, fresh oxygen, fresh vitality? It will bring a feeling of more aliveness, more sensitivity within the body – you will be able to feel more – not just in terms of physical sensitivity but also emotionally.

In short – breath is possibly THE main key to unlocking a truly tantric experience

Through a full deep belly breath, you are not only massaging your internal organs and lightly teasing your pelvic floor and sex, but most importantly, you are opening yourself to receiving an energetic as well as a physical experience. The more you breathe together with your masseuse, at the same rhythm, the more present, aware and connected the two of you will be...

EUPHORIC STATES can occur when a regular breath is maintained consciously for a long period, creating altered states of consciousness similar to tripping out. This is nature’s dose of true bliss - just waiting to be accessed and enjoyed in my sessions at SNATCH.

Are you curious to know more?

Enquire as to how you can bring breath work into your massage experience and your practitioner can help you open up to a whole new world of ecstatic bliss.

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