Tantra is the ancient art of opening up our experience of our potential for energy and consciousness 


To experience Tantra is to have an awareness of yourself as existing on three levels:

- the MENTAL

mind - what we think


matter - the form we take in the body


energy - what we feel

Many of us spend our whole lives focused on the physical and mental planes.

On this journey to expanded self-knowledge, we will work together to facilitate your awareness of yourself on an energetic levelThis pathway allows the possibility to experience an initiation into Tantra.

Your body is your temple.

It is a sacred place, a vessel for your spirit.

The solidity of the body is an illusion.

It is not a structure, but a process, in constant flux.

The body is a place of learning, about ourselves and the universe.

By becoming more sensitive to the feelings within the body, to the experience of being touched, you can move away from needing everything to be faster, harder, stronger, more intense.

The key to Tantra is to surrender the activity and doing, allowing a meditative presence, a joyous peace within.

Feel the depth of the present moment in all its intensity simply through BEING rather than DOING or WATCHING. 

Losing dependancy on outside stimulations means you are free to enjoy yourself as a source of pleasure, in sexuality as well as in life. You can create and curate your eroticism through allowing yourself to fully receive and enjoy the pleasures of your bodily sensations in the here and now, rather than from visual stimuli from your environment or fantasies of the mind.

As our sessions progress, there is the possibility of experiencing first hand that you have both a physical body and an energy body. You may start to sense your connection to the universe around you, understanding yourself as a channel that links heaven and earth. Becoming aware of your energy body expands your awareness as to who you are.

The tantric paradigm is focused on experiencing yourself as a formless flow of energy, which can take form if you consciously focus your awareness.

The exercises in these various steps of the path allow you to exercise your psychic 'muscle' and practice using your awareness to direct energy flow in your body.

By learning how to direct the energies you create through sexual arousal through the chakras (energetic centres along your torso), you can open your body to new levels of excitement, relaxation, peace and joy.

This fits a new paradigm, where sexual energy is a path to consciousness, meditation, happiness and health.

Tantric practice consciously directs sexual energy built-up in the pelvis along the spine to the head, passing through our hearts.

As such, I recommend to start our journey with a set of de-armouring sessions under the EARTH element.

In de-armouring, we create a safe container for the gentle release of tension in the tissues of the neck, spine and pelvis, so that you can start to really feel the subtle flow of energy within your body.

As you recognize yourself not only as a solid physical body, but also a flow of energy, you can feel your fluidity through the WATER series. In fact your body is more water or air than solid, allow yourself to be a channel for life energy to flow through like a river.

With time and focus, you can begin to sense, appreciate and enjoy your ability to transmute your sexual energy into a creative vital energy and power source, readily available for you to access at any time.

Invigorate your life with this fresh approach to yourself as an energetic sexual being, whose arousal brings them a feeling of freedom, self-empowerment and joy rather than fear or shame

Are you curious to see what could happen if you start to become more aware of yourself on an energetic level?

It is never too late to begin this journey...

The arrangement of 'THE TANTRIC PATH' into a journey through the elements is based on John Hawken's teaching through


2,5hr session

200 EUR  |  200 GBP

3hr session

250 EUR  |  250 GBP

Each additional hour

80 EUR  |  80 GBP


sessions covering Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether

5 x 2,5hr  |  800 EUR

5 x  3hr  |  1000 EUR


This journey through the elements is ideally carried out once a month over a longer period of time

Session times are from arrival to departure and allow for an opening discussion, coaching, showering if desired, teaching exercises and/or bodywork as needed and closing reflections