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what is de-armouring bodywork?

Expand into a more fluid, flexible and energetic self through deep release bodywork sessions!

Reichian De-Armouiring Bodywork centers around holding a container, within which you can come into contact with yourself.

Not the self we present to others, which has been moulded by the various expectations and neurosis we inherited from our care givers while growing up... but the essence lying deep within.

We are mostly a product of our past, formed from the developmental trauma that built up subtly in the background along our passage through life’s trials and tribulations.

In some cases, our interactions with life are plagued by more severe and obvious forms of trauma we have had to encounter.

To save ourselves from pain that has hurt us deeply, pain so strong we couldn’t allow ourselves to feel it at that time in our lives, we have developed a complex system of energetic protection, manifested as layers of physical armoring meant to keep us safe from more harm.

We typically suppress and contort ourselves within these imprints from past experiences, often without even realizing it, limiting our choices in life to maneuver around these various sore spots, hoping to avoid feeling that deep pain the comes up if they are touched once more.

We form certain false beliefs - that we are not lovable, not worthy, inadequate, not enough, that we don’t have to right to trust in life or in those we care about, to be ourselves, that we don’t belong here.

These subtle assumptions take hold within our sub-conscious and shape the way we see the world around us.

They seep into every other viewpoint we form, every relationship, every interaction.

Simmering below the surface and deceiving us into believing that is who and how we are, and that the world around us is as we imagine it to be.

This is the greatest illusion.

The world around you is essentially a product of your perception.

The more you uncover your own personal blend of distortions from your unique set of life experiences, the more the outer world will change.

These distortions are blocking your connection to the love that is available to you in each and every moment.

By working to rub off the layers of dust and dirt that accumulated around your core self over the years, blocking it from your own and others view, your light is able to shine through once more in its full power into the world around you.

The spiritual journey is essentially to clear your body and mind of these sore spots, in order for your spirit to fully incarnate into your physical form.

We are created with such presence, our spirit filling our body, experiencing love and joy.

But somewhere along the line, whether upon entering this world or later on in our development, something painful happens and we find our spirit flying out of the body to get away from what we are feeling and experiencing physically.

This starts a life long trend of not being able to be truly present in the direct experience of life - at varying degrees depending on what triggers you have and when they come up for you.

Today’s technological culture does little to help with this, allowing us to live outside the body for the most part of our daily life if we wish to.

We often believe ourselves to be fully here in the physical sense - our bodies are always ‚present‘ right?

But are you really present inside the body?

Are you actually in the 'here and now' with your awareness in this moment?

Or are you constantly lost in thoughts, images, memories of the past or ideas for the future?

Are you pushed out of the body by emotions such as fear or shame, anger or sadness?

Can you bring presence to basic daily tasks such as walking down the street, feeling the experience of your body in every minute detail of its movement?

Or something you might find boring and space out for such as washing up, enjoying the feeling of water on your skin? Are you able to be present when eating a piece of fruit or meal, savoring the delicious taste with mindfulness?

And even if you can manage to be present in those instances, are you able to be fully present in love making?

Can you truly feel the pleasure within your body, the touch of your partner on your skin?

And if so, how much would you gauge you can perceive the pleasure of touch on a scale of 1 to 100?

Is there room to become more sensitive?

Or is your arousal mostly a construct of the mind through visual stimulation and fantasies, blocking true sexual intimacy?

Which parts of your body are you able to feel into fully, and which can you not?

Its not always easy to realize the answers to these questions above.

It takes repeated practice of awareness to realize when you are present and when not, and some investigation and self-development to look at why this is the case and how we can release whatever is stopping us bringing the power of our fully present selves into each moment.

When we are present, there is a meeting of the spiritual and physical planes, heaven and earth, occurring within your body. In Tantra it is said that God lies within the flesh.

There is a magic in there, waiting for you to experience it... a melding of awareness and matter, consciousness and energy.

But we have to make space within ourselves, to allow that magic to be felt and perceived, in order to realize ourselves in our divine nature.


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